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All Things you Need to Know About Stretch Films

All Things you Need to Know About Stretch Films

Shipping can be a tricky business, with items often becoming damaged in transit. To help protect valuable products, stretch films are used to lock the load tightly and prevent any potential harm.

As a leading and reliable stretch film manufacturer UK we can say that our stretch rolls are one of the most used types of packaging material. So, if you want to keep your products together, neatly contained, and organized, then this is the perfect solution for you!

Let's take a closer look at stretch film wraps that are available at New Packaging and why they can be so valuable in various situations! We'll explore the different types available, as well as the advantages they offer.

Stretch Film: Outline

Stretch films provide a secure way to keep products firmly in place during transit. They are used to wrap and secure pallets of products, ensuring that the products are adequately packed and stay in place during transportation.

In our catalog, you can select from the various wrap, including black pallet wrap wholesale UK and clear pallet wrap for your packaging solutions.  They also hold boxes, cartons, and other items together, preventing them from being scattered and damaged in transit.

With their superior tensile strength, stretch films ensure that the products remain securely in place until they reach their destination.

Different Categories of Stretch Films

The packaging industry offers a wide variety of stretch wraps, allowing you to choose the best fit for your product. Let’s browse some of them:

  • Cast stretch
  • Blown stretch
  • Pre-stretch wrap
  • Machine stretch film
  • Hand stretch roll
  • Color stretch film

Let’s understand the merits of using them for their packaging solutions.

Unraveling the Advantages of Stretch Films

Listed are some essential benefits of stretch film rolls:

  • Reduced product destruction: Using stretch films to secure your load can provide stability and reduce the chances of products moving around during shipping.
  • Reduced defalcation and recyclable: Stretch rolls are an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable option for wrapping and unitizing loads. Not only do they provide superior protection, but their secure wrapping also makes pilferage more difficult, as one has to first unwrap the load before accessing the contents.
  • Product safety: The use of stretch film rolls provides the fundamental benefit of protection for products from external factors like dirt, dust, and moisture. Wrapping the items in the film ensures that they will be safeguarded against any such environmental elements. You can also use our packaging tapes manufactured UK for more care and protection.
  • Enhanced handling capabilities: The use of stretch film rolls in combination with angle boards enables palletized loads to be stacked higher, thus optimizing warehouse space for product storage.

New Packaging is one of the most trusted suppliers and manufacturers of stretch films in UK, offering different types, sizes, and colors of stretch rolls. Having understood the various types and advantages of stretch film rolls, you can make an informed decision and pick.

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