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Effective Use Of Packaging Tapes For Prolonged Use.

Effective Use Of Packaging Tapes For Prolonged Use

Tape is an integral need of any business that ships products regularly. The effective capacity of packaging tape to do what it does increases the scope of its use in shipping diverse articles and products. Over time new types of tapes have come into the market, which have further increased the usability of the product.

The versatility of the tapes in securing packages, reinforcing lids, and sealing the openings makes them one of the most used and bought packaging products. A retailer has to ensure the availability of tapes to keep their daily operations of shipping running as they should. However, the extent of its use in ensuring safe shipments is often underestimated. A tape can single-handedly provide moisture-proof sealing, effective packaging, seal for openings, etc.

The amount of potential packaging tape has also depends upon the creativity as well as the ingenuity it is used with. While being used ingeniously, a roll of tape can last for an extended period, and if used precariously, the roll of tape might end up running for shorter durations.

To help retailers use packaging tapes in the most effective way possible, we have devised a few steps that can ensure more extended use. These measures would help retailers convulsively shorten their demand for packaging tapes, helping them save more money.

Retailers use packaging tapes
Retailers use packaging tapes
  • Measured use, measuring the use of tape for more prolonged periods would ensure that a retailer understands the exact quantum of the tapes being used in months and years.
  • Once a retailer is aware of the quantum of tape it goes through, it can work upon techniques to reduce its usage and increase the effective use of its resources. 
  • If a retailer uses boxes of a similar size, they can calculate the amount they use per box and limit tape uses. This would be hard to maintain and establish. But once it has been established, it would bring forward instant results.
  • If a retailer has been using boxes that are of a similar dimension, a retailer can stipulate the amount of tape that would be used per box.
  • This would ensure that the use of tape is calculated and pre-ordained.
  • In most cases as, packaging products such as boxes are delivered flat, and while converting them into a usable form, tapes might be used.
  • In most cases, the use of packaging tapes should be uniform across all formats. A retailer can fix the amount of tape tears per box. A fixed number would ensure that the tape use is calculated and estimated.

With the influx of time, different types of tapes have become available in the market. We have detailed information about their use to ensure that a consumer chooses better. Following are detailed descriptions of all the tapes available at newpacakging. Choose the one that best suits your needs in the long run.

Brown Packaging Tape

If you want to improve the appearance of your boxes, these kind of tapes are the best. Brown packaging tapes mix in with the overall appearance of the boxes to bring forward a visually appealing completeness to the boxes. In addition, these tapes have a highly sticky surface which can ensure a moisture-proof seal against the surface of any cardboard material. In most cases, these tapes can be used to help boxes be reinforced and sealed thoroughly. 

Most of our tapes have been made using the newest innovations and witness minimal changes even with considerable changes in the weather conditions. It's a normal tendency for tapes to lose their stickiness in extreme weather changes but not ours. The effective use of such tapes in applying bubble wraps or sealing packages can ensure that the packages reach the doorstep of the consumer trouble-free without any compromises in the appearance as well as the quality of the product.

Clear Packaging Tapes

One of the most used packaging tapes in the packaging business. Their time-tested use has been a clear indication of their efficiency at doing their job. These tapes can form a moisture-proof seal on any surface, ensuring that the products inside do not get soiled or compromised in any manner possible. Our tapes have been produced only with some of the most advanced raw materials, and hence they do not wither or change their consistency with exposure to different climatic conditions or weather changes.

Clear packaging tapes can also be used to stick a layer of bubble wrap around the products. Being transparent, the tape mixes well with the bubble wrap and ensures a fully transparent covering that is pleasing to the consumer. These tapes have stood the test of time and can be used for the foreseeable future without any challenges or issues to ensure that the packages reach the consumers in the same shape as advertised.

Fragile Tapes

The best alternative for the shipments of your fragile products. These fragile tapes are the best for ensuring that your products are handled with care even while under shipment. These tapes are one of the cheapest options a retailer can use to ensure that the deliveries are handled with care no matter where they might be. Fragile Tapes are the best option for retailers that ship fragile products such as glassware, home decor, and other commodities. Newpackaging has been at the forefront of the industry regarding providing for packaging needs. Visit our website today for the fulfillment of every packaging need that your business might have. 

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