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Factors To Keep In Mind While Packaging A Wide Range Of Products

Factors To Keep In Mind While Packaging

Packaging for different products differs profoundly, and hence it's important to ensure that the unique challenges that transit of each product brings forward is understood and provided for as effectively as possible. If not, it's possible that the packaging might fail while in transit, and the product reaches its end user in a compromised state. 

Prolonged deliveries of products in such a condition can lead to a fall in the retailer's reputation. While it would be an arduous task to detail solutions for packaging of different products available in the market and sold over at online portals. It's possible to describe a few of the universally acceptable principles that can help in increasing the chances of safer delivery right to the doorstep of the consumer. 

If applied, these principles would help ensure better security and protection for all your products being shipped. In the long run, better packaging and impeccable deliveries ensure that the retailer enjoys a significant goodwill in the market and that customers harbor a sacred value for their services. 

These principles are applicable while delivering diverse kinds of products, so no matter whether you sell apparel, home décor, fashion accessories, books, or any other product, the execution of these products can curb the chances of compromised deliveries a lot. Detailed below are the principles.

Choosing packaging materials

The choice of packaging materials highly depends upon storage techniques, shape, structural strength and climatic conditions. All these factors should be critically examined before choosing a way to ensure safer shipping to all your customers. Further, an e-commerce retailer needs to ensure appropriate method of handling the shipments' are used and choose a highly-rated courier service. Another challenge that usually affects the integrity of the stuff is unloading; for safer shipping, a retailer has to ensure that all the products are unloaded smoothly.

Markings upon the boxes

If in case the products you sell are fragile and can break after being affected by minor impacts, it's essential to choose boxes that are marked with the right orientation, such as "This Way Up Marks ". Such boxes would ensure that the shippers handle your deliveries the right way, and if the product is to be stored along the way, it's stored facing the right way up without any challenges. On the other hand, prolonged storage in the wrong orientation can also hamper the quality of the product.

Packaging Mixed Cargoes

While packaging mixed cargoes, it's essential to be aware of the different cargoes' weights and ensure that the heavier goods are always stored on the bottom of the cargo rather than the top of lighter goods. While storing packaged products in storage houses, it's essential to store them this way. Further, a few more principles regarding the packaging and storage of products in warehouses or in parcel trucks have been detailed below.

  • Heavier stuff should not be stored on top of fragile parcels.
  • Products that have sharp and protruding orifices should be taken care of and packaged in the right way to ensure that while in storage, the product does not impale other packages. Such packages should be kept away from packages that have weak outer packaging.
  • In case your packages are carrying any kind of liquid contents such as drinks, lubricants or any other products, they should never be stored upon the solid cargo. If done so, any spillage would also cause the products below to lose their appearance. Similar principles should be followed while storing products. 
  • Shipping certain products that are incompatible with other products should be taken care of profoundly and not transported in such a way . Any cargoes that are incompatible with other cargoes should not be shipped or transported together without any barring in-between them that ensures minimized contact in-between them.

Products that can ensure safer packaging

Brown Postal Boxes

200Pc Pink/Blue Mailing Bags 4 Mixed Sizes Small to Large 25pc Each

£8.49 Excl. VAT

Brown postal boxes provide the best protective packaging outer layer that ensures that the shipped products are safe against impact trauma. Erratic impacts and damages that a shipment might face while in transit. All the postal boxes available at newpacakging have been constructed using the most rigid quality fluting that available in the market to ensure that all your products reach the customer in the most pristine shape. In addition, all our boxes adhere to the Royal Mail's pricing in Proportion and have discrete branding that is invisible once the box has been converted into its useable form.

Mailing Bags

Need mailing bags that have high resistance against tear and penetration, our mailing bags are the ones to go for. These bags are great for shipping all kinds of products that require moisture resistance and protection against abrasions. Since these can stop the penetration of objects through the polythene, these can ensure safer deliveries right to the customer's doorstep. All our mailing bags have been lined with a black lining that ensures that the privacy of the product or documents being shipped remains intact without any challenges. These mailing bags also come with a pre-applied adhesive strip which creates a perfect closing flap securing the parcel when stripped off. These seals provide moisture-proof resistance.

100Pc Pink Mailing Bags 4 Mixed Sizes Small to Large 25pc Each

£4.28 - £4.50 Excl. VAT

Packaging Tapes

Brown Packaging Tape – 48mm x 92m

£1.25£1,530.00 Excl. VAT

Packaging tapes are an integral need that ensures safer transit and shipping of products. Packaging tapes help ensure that the packages have perfect seals and do not open up after experiencing sudden impacts while being shipped. At newpackaging, we sell all kinds of tapes, such as Brown packaging tapes, clear packaging tapes, and fragile packaging tape. A consumer can choose according to their needs without any challenges or issues. Fragile packaging tapes are the best for shipping delicate articles, ensuring that the products are handled in the best way while under shipment.

Newpacakging has been in the packaging business long enough to understand the unique need of its customers and hence provides the best possible solution for all their needs without any hassles; for all your packaging needs, visit today.

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