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Garment Polybags For The Effective Shipping Of Apparels

Garment Polybags For The Effective Shipping Of Apparels

Apparels are a significant part of the overall e-commerce trade; apparel services have been a big success over at the virtual space, ensuring that a customer can get the quality as well as the pristine services of a retailer delivered to their doorstep. But customers are seldom aware of the toil a retailer goes through to ensure safer deliveries to the customers. 

Apparels are one of the hardest to ship around the globe, with the profound potential of damage and the perceptible nature of the products towards tears and abrasions. Moreover, since most of the fabrics can attract wrinkles and blots quite quickly, a moisture-proof seal impervious to leakage is an essential part of the packaging for clothes and apparel. 

To ensure that clothes reach the end customer in the same shape and form as advertised, a retailer has to go the extra mile and reinforce their packaging with adhesive tapes and other packaging products. 

The choice of packaging materials also depends upon the make and style of the apparel being shipped; if the shipped material is cotton and highly perceptible to blots and marks, a retailer must ensure rigorous packaging upon the products. On the other hand, in case the apparel being shipped are made up of plastic, or any other polyurethane substitute chances of them developing blots and marks would be less. In such cases, a retailer can ensure adequate packaging by using products that can ensure protection against bumps and knacks of the transit. 

Here are some of the essential steps a retailer has to take to ensure that a products reach their customer's doorstep in the same shape as advertised.

  • Moisture-proof seal, while shipping apparel moisture-proof seal is one of the most essential details that a retailer has to ensure. If packaging does not have a moisture-proof seal, it might end up being soiled or damaged by the impacts and bumps it might witness during the transit.
  • Apart from moisture, abrasion is the other biggest issue retailer of the apparel industry go through. To ensure that a package is abrasion-proof, the outer layer of the packaging must be rigorous enough to ensure the impacts and bumps of the delivery process do not form a tear into the packaging.
  • In several cases, a piece of apparel being shipped would have fancy buttons and big zips; if such a package is too tight, it's possible that the incessant rubbing of these zippers and buttons upon the fabric, leaves marks.
  • If the package witnesses harsh loading and unloading while being shipped, it's possible that the increasing pressure upon the zippers and buttons might result in tears and scratches upon the fabric.
  • To ensure that such an occurrence does not appear, it's essential to leave the shipments a little free rather than being packaged too tightly, compressed, or confined in smaller poly bags.
  • If the apparel with prominent zippers or buttons are packaged too tightly, it's possible that the building pressure upon the apparel might lead their zippers as well as buttons to penetrate through the packaging.
  • In such a context, a customer would surely return the apparel and leave the retailer to bear extra charges.
  • In a brief context, apparel packaging needs moisture and abrasion-proof packaging that is not too tight to ensure that the apparel can breathe easily.

Since packaging shipments is already a hard pursuit, let's make it easier with a single product that can ensure protection against a wide array of challenges that shipments of apparel projects upon the retailers.

Garment Poly Bags

Garment Poly bags

Garment poly bags are a great product that can ensure a safer shipment of apparel right to the doorstep of the consumer. Garment poly bags can single-handedly ensure protection against moisture, tears, punctures, and other impacts. In addition, garment Poly bags are easy to use and apply, leaving no space for errors; delivered with a pre-applied adhesive strip, these can be used to package apparel real fast without any hassles. 

All the garment poly bags available at our website are manufactured from the most high standard materials that provide the garments with impeccable protection against tears and impacts. Even if in case a packaging of our witnesses abrasion during transit, the high-micron polythene used in their production can keep the products inside safe from any damages. Being tear-resistant, these polythene bags can withstand considerable force before tearing apart and leading to compromises in the quality of the apparel.

Since all our products have been made from the best raw materials available in the market, they can maintain their usability for a long time to ensure lesser waste. All our garment poly bags can be used again for any purposes that a consumer might want to subject it to, ensuring sustainability and eco-friendly sustenance. Our garment poly bags are one of the most profound packaging solutions for shipping apparels; while providing a rigorous protective layer to all your shipments, these also add to the ease of packaging with an accessible adhesive strip that can be applied easily.

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