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How To Effectively Pack Products With Stretch Wraps and Shrink Wraps

How To Effectively Pack Products With Stretch Wraps and Shrink Wraps

Stretch films are plastic films or wraps that are stretchable and can be used to keep a product in place securely. These are commonly used while shipping pallets to keep boxes fixed in their place while being shipped. These products are a must-have for any e-retail business. These films help a retailer pack the products safely and reduce the loss of property during shipment, loading, and unloading.

These wraps might have the same appearance as plastic wraps used for kitchen uses, but these are heavy-duty wraps that can be stretched to bundle different products together and secure them into a single place. Stretch films are available in different colors, grades, and widths to meet your applications.

Here are some of the most prominent uses of Stretch Films.

Product Protection

One of the basic advantages of using stretch film roll. Wrapping the products in a stretch film will protect them from environmental factors such as dirt, dust, grime, and moisture. In addition, one of the best features of stretch film is that it keeps the packaging see-through even while keeping the packaging see-through. In certain cases, the use of UVI film rolls, they can even protect the load from UV rays.

Reduced Chances of Product Damage

Reduced Chances of Product Damage

Stretch films allow you to wrap your load securely with ease. Stretch films are easy to wrap around, and when applied in several layers, the stretch film can ensure moisture-proof packaging. Plus, layers of them applied to loose boxes fixed on a crate often reduce the chances of products getting loose and falling off while shipping. If a retailer seeks services to move the load around, a forklift can also be used to move around goods and ship them safely.

Recyclable and Decreased waste

Most stretch films are environment friendly and can be recycled for reuse. If kept clean, these wraps can be used again to ensure safer shipping and transit across borders. Stretch films can unitize the loads completely and make pilferage harder. If the privacy of the shipment is a necessity, opaque stretch wraps can be used to conceal the address and the type of the shipment.

Inventory Management 

Stretch films can ensure easier packaging of products together as they help in wrapping the products together. Reduces the chances of product separation, making inventory movement easier and more efficient. This further makes supply relocation more manageable and more efficient. 

In most cases, stretch wraps can be used to protect while being transported. Stretch wraps are best for unitizing palletized goods. But their effective and creative use can ensure that these are used in a lot of ways around the main use of packing stuff. For better protection of fragile items, these can also be combined with a layer, bubble wrap, or wrapped around the things to create an impervious seal against dirt, grime, and moisture. The combined use of stretch wraps and the application of bubble wraps can ensure that the deliveries reach the customers' doorstep in the same shape as advertised. 

One of the most significant benefits of using stretch wraps is that the packaging is see-through, and a person can see right through the packaging at the products being packed together. Stretch films also secure the packages from dirt, grime, and impact. The right application of stretch films can ensure resistance against the ingress of dust, dirt, and bacteria. Being able to construct an impenetrable seal, these wraps have been witnessing an increasing use in the fields of shipping pharmaceuticals as well as edibles. Any tampering with the outer layer of the packaging is clearly visible; hence, stretch films are used while packing a wide variety of edible pharmaceutical products.

Shrink Wrap

Clear Shrink Wrap 500mm x 250m x 23mu

£6.66£1,779.20 Excl. VAT

Shrink wraps are inherently different from stretch films; shrink wraps are made up of polyolefin plastics and hence showcase different attributes that stretch wrap when exposed to heat. Shrink wraps can be heat-sealed onto products and form an airtight seal. The heavy-duty shrink wrap available at newpackaging are heavy duty and keeps the goods bundled in a good way, tight and rigid. This heat-absorbing shrink wrap can create a seal upon itself when exposed to heat. It needs no extravagant use of tapes and adhesives. 

Being a heavy-duty wrap, it can also protect the stuff being shipped from punctures, tears, and penetration. At the time of the unpacking, the stretch wrap can be easily taken off to ensure that no residue is left behind.

The heavy-duty shrink wraps available at newpcakaging are versatile and flexible enough to ply to all surfaces, even in extremely cold weather where plastic loses their adhesive qualities. Plus, available in a black shade, it can also ensure that a shipped cannot see through to the boxes and cause a privacy concern for the consumers. At newpacakging, we cater to all the diverse packaging needs of the customers while providing competitive market prices. Visit our services today to witness the wide array of packaging products that we provide. 

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