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Pack Your Shipments To Reach The Consumers As Advertised With Our Postal Boxes

Pack Your Shipments To Reach The Consumers As Advertised With Our Postal Boxes - NewPackaging

Postal boxes are one of the best packaging options for shipping diverse products from the retail facilities. And hence the use of postal boxes is quite prevalent across different types of retailers. Being made up of rigid substances, a postal box can provide protection against a wide variety of impacts and traumas that might lead to the devastation of the products inside the packages. The profound use of postal boxes is driven by their ability to be used universally. These boxes are the epitome of versatility, ensuring that these can be used for a wide variety of products.

Available in varying sizes, these boxes can be used to ship accessories, electrical products, and other products prominent in the market. Such increasing usage of postal boxes is also because of their ability to absorb impacts, bumps, and trauma that surfaces out of the erratic handling of the products during shipment. 

The postal boxes available at newpacakging also come with tuck-in flaps that can further ensure that these boxes have an impeccable seal against moisture seeping in. These tuck-in flaps are also able to enhance the ability of the boxes to withstand falls and impacts even while being fully intact. 

A retailer is free to choose from any of the prominently available boxes that might be retailed by any e –retailers. But our boxes at newpacakging provides several additional benefits to help the retailers. Hence, here are a few of the merits that newpacakging boxes would have over the use of other postal packaging boxes.

Ability to be sealed easily

All the postal boxes available at our website come with pre-fixed flaps that can be tucked in inside the opening of the boxes to ensure that a moisture-proof seal can be maintained at all times. Such a moisture-proof seal can further be reinforced by taping the openings. These flaps further add to the already substantial integrity of the boxes to ensure that the boxes do not receive any damage even while witnessing the erratic loading and unloading conditions. 

To ensure that the packages reach the consumers in the same shape and appearance as advertised on the website, a retailer can seal the opening with tapes to ensure that the box does not open up while being shipped.


All our postal boxes have been produced using rigid flutings that can ensure safer transits even while being exposed to the erratic damages of loading and unloading while being shipped. Plus, the even and smooth surface that surrounds the entirety of the boxes ensures a clean seal with assured 100% even contact with the surface. Being produced from some of the best raw materials, these boxes can easily absorb any knocks or falls while maintaining their appearance. In addition, the products can be packed in poly bags and bubble wraps to ensure that the packages do not witness any damage due to moisture.

Versatile with other products

These boxes go well with the use of bubble wrap as well. Bubble wrap can be used to create a wrap around the boxes to ensure that any damages do not surface while being shipped. Being available in varying sizes, a retailer can choose the size that best suits their needs while keeping in mind the use of other packaging materials such as bubble wrap and bubble padded envelopes.

Universal applicability

Postal Boxes have wide applicability for shipping diverse kinds of products; no matter what the size and dimension of your products might be a consumer can choose the one that best suits the needs from our website. Furthermore, since most of the accessories and products can do with a rigid barrier between them and the knocks of shipping, all kinds of products can be packed using postal boxes. 

Corrugated Rigid Fluting

All our postal boxes provide the best impeccable security against the erratic falls and knocks shipments generally face during the loading and unloading process of the shipments. Such rigid flutings ensure that boxes remain intact throughout the delivery process of the shipment. Furthermore, such a fluting in between the layers of the boxes ensure that the box can absorb the erratic falls and knocks of the shipment without any challenges.

Reduced Hassles

All our products adhere to the royal mail pricing proportion to ensure that the retailer does not have to adhere to the added challenges of understanding and working with the royal mail pricing proportions. Further, these boxes produced with pre-designed flaps ensure that packaging and conversion into a usable form is simple and easy to administer without much manpower. 

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

All our boxes have been developed with the most sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials to ensure that these do not lead to any ecological challenges in the long run. Being eco-friendly and highly sustainable, these boxes ensure that the carbon footprint left behind can be reduced to ensure a better future for all. All your packaging queries can find their solution with the profound services of newpackaging. Visit our website today for all your packaging solutions for e-retail.

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