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Packaging Commodities Necessary For Shipping Christmas Decorations

Shipping Christmas Decorations

The festivities of Christmas are inbound only to bring a flair of convivial joys and holidays to people who have been achingly waiting for a set of holidays. While Christmas might bring in the much-needed break for the working classes, it would also cause an upsurge in the e-commerce markets, tending to the people's everyday needs. With such an upsurge in the demand of commodities over the internet, it's only evident that people would buy Christmas decorations and wreaths online as well.

With such peculiar demands, e-commerce retailers would now have to worry about the shipments of fragile Christmas decorations and wreaths throughout the United Kingdom. But not anymore newpackaging can help retailers take care of all their packaging needs this Christmas with ease.

Is your business involved in the trade of Christmas decorations such as decorative stars, fragile decorative ornaments such as bells, baubles, and Santa figurines, newpackaging can take care of all your packaging needs in a jiffy. A single visit to our customer-friendly website and you can attain all the packaging needs necessary for the shipment of all kinds of Christmas decorations. 

Christmas decorations are an integral part of the overall celebrations of the festival; with people waiting for them ardently to ensure a timely decoration for the Christmas trees, it becomes imperative for a retailer to ensure that their entirety is not compromised in any manner upon reaching the consumer.

Newpcakging can ensure such feats with the help of a wide array of protective packaging commodities on offer. All our packaging services have been produced using the best in class materials, ensuring that they provide impeccable protection against all the erratic bumps and shocks a shipment faces during transit. A Christmas decorations retailer has to face a set of unique challenges while shipping Christmas decorations; here are a few of them.

  • Since most of the Christmas decorations are fragile, they require a rigid outer layer that resists impacts as well as falls easily without causing any compromise in the integrity of the product.
  • Certain retailers also ship Christmas wreaths online and hence require a moisture-proof seal against their packaging to ensure that the wreaths reach the client safely and securely without any challenges. As any leakage of excessive moisture within the packaging can lead to devastating consequences for the wreath.
  • Certain retailers also sell electric lighting and Christmas banners that illuminate; these products further need protection against static energies, magnetic fields, and abrasion.
  • People often buy a lot of tabletop porcelain figurines of Santa and other mascots during the Christmas season. Shipping these items is further tricky as they require ardent protection against moisture and jarring impacts.
  • Timely delivery of such articles is also an important task, as any delivery after the 25th would be redundant and possibly lead to negative comments upon the retailer's platform.
  • To ensure such a timely delivery, the necessity of the right kind of packaging products becomes necessary. Any compromise in the packaging equipment can lead to compromised deliveries.

To help the retailers focusing on selling Christmas decorations this year, we have curated a list of top packaging commodities that can ensure safer deliveries right to the doorstep of the consumers.

Mailing Bags

Mailing bags provide an impeccable seal against moisture dust and any other problems that might cause changes in the appearance of the products being sold online. In addition, mailing bags are a perfect choice for shipping Christmas decorations and tabletop figurines as these provide a tear-resistant outer covering, ensuring safety against the erratic impacts a shipment faces during transit. 

Mixed Sizes Grey Pink Blue Mailing Bags

For commodities that are weak and fragile and require further protection against bumps and shocks, the commodity can be packed in postal boxes to ensure that the constant jerks of transit do not compromise the integrity of the products.

Postal Boxes

All the postal boxes offered at newpacakging have been produced using rigid corrugated fluting to ensure that the boxes absorb any sudden or erratic impact that shipments might face during the transit. These are the best option for fragile items that require significant protection. In case an item also requires protection against moisture and abrasions, then the double packaging of the item first in size-appropriate mailing bags and a postal bag can ensure safer deliveries. 

All the postal boxes available at the newpackaging website have been developed in accordance with the Royal mails Pricing Proportion to ensure a hassle-free experience for the retailer while shipping their commodities.

Clear Packaging Tapes / Fragile Packaging Tapes

One of the most integral needs of any e-commerce retailer packaging tapes are one of the most essential needs of any e-commerce retailer seeking to ship products. Newpacakging sells a wide array of different kind of tapes, including fragile tapes, clear packaging tapes, and brown packaging tapes.

A consumer is free to choose any to ensure an impenetrable seal to resist any accumulation of moisture or dirt and grime within the boxes. Fragile tapes are one of the most inexpensive ways to handle your commodities better while they are in transit; these are a must-have for any retailer that ships delicate figurines or decorations for Christmas. At newpacakging, we strive to provide your e-commerce business with the best possible packaging solutions at market-competitive prices; visit our website today.👇

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