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Packaging Needs for Shipping Watches, Jewelry and Other Fashion Accessories

Packaging Needs for Shipping Watches, Jewelry and Other Fashion Accessories

Fashion provides customers with the ability to stylize themselves and appear as happening as possible. With the utter growth of the fashion industry and fashion trends, E merchants have grasped the needs of fashion-savvy customers with open arms.

Since fashion accessories bring huge revenue markups, quite a lot of E –merchants have started selling fashion accessories, watches and jewellery over the web. But since these merchants serve to a niche and an esoteric market, the challenges they face are unlike any challenges that some other merchants might face.

Special needs, as well as attention, is necessary to ship fashion accessories as well as watches and jewellery in the same shape and form as advertised on the website. Here are some of the most prominent challenges that fashion accessories selling merchants might face while shipping their products.

Some of the most apparent challenges e-commerce merchants face while shipping fashion accessories.

  • Many fashion accessories nowadays are made up of metal and hence require anti-static packages as they can conduct current.
  • Since fashion accessories involve equipment's like watches, the packaging needs to be moisture-proof if any kind of seepage within the mailing bag would lead to the articles inside getting damaged.
  • Since watches and other fashion articles also have batteries, it's essential that the packaging they go in with can withstand magnetic fields without any significant challenges; otherwise, the watches would not work as intended.
  • Certain necklaces, as well as fashion bracelets, have stones and gems in them; the erratic shocks and falls of transit can knock them out, rendering the fashion accessories useless; hence the packaging Merchant chooses has to be able to provide the articles with enough cushion so that the products inside do not witness any such issues. 
  • Some of the fashion accessories are polished as well; if they witness any kind of abrasion, the polish of the articles might wear off, leaving the articles with a hampered appearance. Hence the packaging has to be abrasion resistant.
  • Fashion accessories, as well as jewellery, can have a lot of heft and hence require packaging solutions whose heft is as minimal as possible to keep the shipping charges low. Hence the packaging solutions need to be as weightless as possible.

Here are some of the packaging solutions available at newpacakging that can help merchants that sell jewellery and other fashion accessories.

Postal Boxes

To help the shipments be damage free during the transit, deliver them using our small-sized postal boxes; these postal boxes have been constructed using rigid corrugated fluting and hence provide the best protection against shocks, falls and impact. Such rigid packaging upon the outer layer of the articles would help the articles in reaching their destination without any significant issues or challenges.

Brown Die Cut Tuck-in-Flaps Postal Boxes

 Our postal boxes are available in a range of sizes, and a merchant can pick the size that suits their needs the best. For instance, while shipping jewellery or fashion accessories that are not very significant in size, the merchant can go for our smaller sizes and ensure that the products reach the customers in the same shape and form as advertised on the website.

Our postal boxes have been designed with a unique corrugated fluting that provides it with its rigid outer shell that is resistant to punctures as well as impacts while weighing as negligible as possible. Hence they provide the best possible protection without adding any charges of extra weight while in shipment. A postal box can save the articles from most kinds of impacts as well as force, but even they can fall prey to moisture accumulation and; hence the next product in our list is also necessary for providing the best possible packaging solution.

Mailing Bags

To help the packages already packed in postal boxes or any other shipments with additional qualities of tear resistance and high tensile strength, our mailings bags are the best option. Our mailing bags have been crafted carefully using the best possible high-micron polythene material that can help in ensuring that the articles inside remain static-proof and do not face any damage due to moisture leakage.

Our mailing bags are tear resistant and puncture-proof to the highest degree possible and help the article maintain their integrity until they reach the customer. Our mailing bags provide the best protection against punctures and impacts that might cause the products in shipment to break or lose their shine.

Our mailing bags come with a self-sealing adhesive which forms a uniform seal upon the surface to protect the products from moisture or damage. The self-sealing adhesive strips also make packaging easier and hence provide your staff with convenience and ease. In addition, a mixed-use of our mailing and postal bags can ensure that all your packages reach the customers safely without any issues.

Stretch Film and Fragile Tape

Our highly tensile and stretchable shrink films can provide the impenetrable seal that your products need against moisture accumulation and other damages. These also help the products when they face abrasion and hence keep their polishes intact.

Stretch films are one of the easiest ways to keep the products in the shape they have been advertised on the e- merchant's website. To help the shipments be handled with the utmost care possible, you can invest in fragile tapes that provide the products with the most impenetrable seal against moisture and dust. For some of the foolproof packaging solutions, contact newpacakging today for all your packaging needs. newpacakging UK leads the packaging market with the help of its sustainable services and market-competitive prices.

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