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Packaging Needs Necessary for Shipping Footwear.

Shipping Footwear

The soaring success of e-commerce websites in the current times is due to the ability to provide the conveniences that people regard paramount in the hierarchy of their needs these days. Hence, footwear retail has become a prospering dynamic over the internet. However, while shipping footwear seems like an easy job on the surface, it has its own challenges. A footwear retailer has to go through various unique challenges while shipping products; the challenges that such a retailer faces are unlike any other kind of challenges that a retailer would face.

Footwear has great versatility, and the packaging needs necessary for shipping boots would highly differ from the packaging needs necessary for the transit of high heels stilettoes. This vast array of differences in-between the different kinds of products makes the packaging of footwear a complex and expensive task.

Plus, to increase the complexity of the challenges faced by a retailer, compromised deliveries for prolonged periods can lead to negative reviews and hamper the possibility of the retailer harboring goodwill with its customers. Here are some of the most prominent challenges a retailer faces with shipping footwear. 

To ensure safer delivery, retailers have to find their way through all these challenges while maintaining the necessary budget. Quite often, the possibility of a product facing damage depends upon the kind and make of the product. For example, a footwear made wholly out of leather would have diverse needs and pose more packaging challenges than footwear made out of rigid canvas raw material. Here are some of the challenges that a retailer faces.

  • In most cases, the packaging needs depend upon the kind of raw materials footwear have been derived out of. In case the footwear has a considerable amount of leather in the making, it’s imperative to ensure that the footwear is protected against moisture. Any kind of moisture can hamper the product's quality and appearance.
  • In case the footwear being transported is fancy and has fancy beads and buckles entrenched upon it, it's possible that under the impacts of shipping, these ornaments might rub against the surface of the footwear, causing folds and marks.
  • Such marks would not be accepted by a customer as these would hamper the appearance of the products and cause issues with the shoe's fit.
  • In such a case, the retailer would have to adhere to the added expenses of returns, wasted packaging materials, and courier services.
  • Since shoes come in varying sizes, a retailer must stock all the varying size boxes to ensure that products reach their customers in the right shape.
  • Based on the sizes of the shoe boxes, a retailer can choose between the sizes of the packaging.
  • Suppose the shoes you sell need added protection against erratic jerks and movements of transit. In that case, it's important to ensure that shoes reach the customer sustaining the same kind of appearance as that showcased on the website.

To help producers in packaging their footwear better, here are a few of the products readily available at newpacakging that can ensure safer transits year around.

Postal Boxes

Brown Die Cut Tuck-in-Flaps Postal Boxes

In most cases, shoes come from manufacturers in their own packaging boxes, these boxes ensure that the shoes stay safe from dirt and grime. These boxes, however, should not be used as the primary packaging accessory while shipping shoes, as these, are often not rigid enough to ensure safer shipments. Based upon the size of the outer shell often shipped from manufacturers, retailers can buy postal boxes and use them to ensure that the products reach their customers safely and securely.

In some instances, if the box of the shoes is smaller than the postal box, void fillers such as old newspapers and other clerical waste can also be used to restrict the movement of the shoe box inside the postal box. All the postal boxes available at newpacakging have been manufactured using rigid fluting, ensuring protection from all kinds of bumps and falls. These have been discretely branded as well to ensure that the retailer can brand them as and when necessary. All our boxes are shipped flat, and a buyer can convert them into boxes as with little effort. 

Mailing Bags

We at newpackaging provide a wide array of mailing bags in different sizes; a customer can choose within them based upon the make of the product. If the shoes being shipped are produced out of unseasoned leather, protection against any moisture is necessary. Any kind of seeping moisture can ruin the appearance as well as the fit of the shoe.

Among the wide variety of the packaging products available at newpacakging, a retailer can choose the sizes that best suit their needs and hence ensure safer transit of the shoes. All our mailing bags have been designed with high-micron polythene, which provides a puncture-proof and tear-resistant outer shell. In addition, our mailing bags have been lined with a black interior lining which makes sure that the privacy of the buyer is maintained throughout the shipping chain.

Garment Polybags

In case the shoes being shipped have uppers made out of leather and are highly perceptible to moisture, a retailer can buy Garment polybags available at our websites with a pre-applied sealing top to ensure that the moisture does not seep into the package.

In such cases, silica gel can also be sued to restrict moisture from getting into the package these can be used to package individual shoes or boxes that are then to be packaged inside a bigger box to ensure that they reach the customer safely. Newpcakging has been providing market-leading packaging services for users and understands the hassles a retailer has to go through while buying packaging requirements. Our sole purpose is to reduce such hassles; visit our website today for all your packaging needs.


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