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Brown Cardboard Boxes 102 x 77 x 51mm (4 x 3 x 2”) Postal Boxes

£1.99£240.00 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard 152 x 172 x 44mm (6 x 7 x 1.7”) Postal Boxes

£2.05£479.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard 130 x 110 x 90mm (5 x 4 x 3”) Postal Boxes

£2.15£499.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard Boxes 150 x 150 x 60mm (6 x 6 x 2.5”) Postal Boxes

£2.23£499.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard Boxes 230 x 150 x 50mm (9 x 6 x 2” ) Postal Boxes

£2.48£549.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard Boxes 200 x 152 x 102mm (8 x 6 x 4”) Postal Boxes

£2.69£549.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard Boxes 254 x 210 x 50mm (10 x 8 x 2”) Postal Boxes

£2.80£675.99 Excl. VAT

Royal Mail PiP 101 x 101 x 20mm MINI Large Letter Postal Boxes

£2.99£9.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard Boxes 254 x 152 x 102mm (10 x 6 x 4”) Postal Boxes

£3.80£825.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard Boxes 305 x 229 x 102mm (12 x 9 x 4”) Postal Boxes

£4.79£1,045.99 Excl. VAT

Brown Cardboard Boxes 348 x 250 x 72mm (13.75 x 10 x 3”) Postal Boxes

£4.99£1,049.99 Excl. VAT

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Looking for eco-friendly recycled boxes ? Look no further as our Postage Boxes are made up of 100% recycled Paper , which can be further recycled to save Mother Earth . At  New Packaging, you can choose from many different size which are suitabel for all  your E-commerce packaging  . Available in Many sizes and shape . A4 Postal Boxes and A5 Postal Boxes are some of the most sought after boxes Shipp your Mercahdise with ease and peace of mind as our boxes are strong and quite sturdy during the shipping

A4 Postal boxes | A5 Postal Boxes |Small Postal Boxes

Our range of postal boxes is strong and easy to pack and stack, which makes them ideal eco friendly postal packaging UK solutions for customers. Buy and use this postal box wholesale UK to ensure the product safely arrives at your customers.

What Are Postal Boxes?

Postal boxes are mainly used for a comprehensive range of packaging and shipping items/products due to their strength and durability. To keep your products safe for delivery, thus our postal boxes wholesale UK manufactured are made from highly corrugated cardboard. Also, with New Packaging, you can buy postage bags online UK. We offer a variety of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and accessories to help your business reduce its harmful environmental impact.

Few Utmost Features of Our Post Boxes

Buy postal boxes wholesale UK supplies from New Packaging as they are perfect for mailing commodities that require extra protection during transit and shipping. Listed are some unique qualities of postal packaging boxes UK:
  • Multi-use: The New Packaging's cardboard postal boxes are multipurpose and primarily used for packaging goods and commodities. They can be recycled, making them a fantastic multipurpose item.
  • Best quality: Including this postal box wholesale UK, buy postage bags online UK packaging solutions, as all products in our catalogue offer dependability and consistency in securing packaged items, helping to preserve contents in place during transportation.
  • Convenient: These boxes are easy to pull apart for assembly and usage. The lid ships are attached to prevent lid loss.
  • Easy to assemble: Postal packaging boxes UK are a great way to ship items, whether you are sending gifts to customers or other goods to a different city or country. The cardboard boxes are easy to assemble, ensuring that your goods arrive in one piece. If you have limited space to transport boxes, cardboard boxes are stackable and easy to fold. For safely packing all of your fragile items, cardboard boxes are ideal. When relocating, you can save space because all boxes are easy to handle and store.
  • Sustainable: Cardboard decomposes far more quickly than plastic, so it's clearly more sustainable. These boxes are more durable and efficient for all packaging and storage purposes.

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We have a highly experienced professional customer support team who will work to address all your doubts and issues that you may have. We'll ensure that our team is always here to assist you whenever you need them. Our mission is to offer innovative packaging and related products to our customers at the lowest cost.

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We offer an environmental advantage to our customers by being an eco friendly postal boxes UK supplier. Our primary focus is always on creating packaging that not only minimizes ecological impact but is commercially viable, ethically produced, and that will be tailored precisely to your requirements. If you want to know more about all our products and services, including eco friendly postal packaging UK or would like to discuss how working with packaging solutions could help your business, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service at 0161 517 0070 or +44 0161 517 0070 or email us at