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Right Product Choices While Shipping Clothing’s And Apparels

Right Product Choices While Shipping Clothing’s And Apparels

The advent of e-commerce has shifted customers from being avid market visitors to constant online shoppers; almost every item needed by a person in their daily walk of life is available on e-commerce platforms with the added benefits of prompt delivery and returns in case the products do not satisfy the needs of the customers.

Although these platforms have made it easier for customers to shop, at the same time, these have increased the number of challenges an E-commerce merchant has to go through before being able to ship products to the customers. One of the biggest challenges among these would have to be packaging and safe transits.

An E- merchant has to keep the flow of their shipments safe and secure and ensure that the promised quality reaches the customers without any hassles. Packaging plays a significant role in keeping the articles up for sale in their best shape, especially if you are an e-merchant who sells apparel online. To keep the apparel in the best shape possible, here are some of the precautions as well as procedures an e-merchant can follow.

Challenges regarding The Shipment of Apparel

  • Being fragile and prone to tear and being ripped apart under pressure, apparels require extra protection from the erratic forces they might suffer during the transit. It's possible to box clothing as well, but boxing might lead to increased expenses.
  • Since clothes are generally showcased with austere and style over the internet platforms, customers typically believe that they would get the same kind of looks as soon as the clothes are unpacked. It's hard to make this happen since shipments have to travel a lot before reaching customers.
  • It's hard to provide such packaging that does not lead to wrinkles or folds in the clothing.
  • Clothes may end up ruined due to moisture and leakages of other items they are shipped with in case they are transported with packaging that is not moisture proof. Any water leakage or substance from any of the products being shipped close to the apparel can lead to blots and patches, forcing the customer to return the shipment. 
  • Clothes are generally impervious to falls and sudden shocks as they are not brittle but can be profoundly damaged if an object penetrates into the packaging. A penetrating object can lead to rips and tears, so clothes require packaging that protects clothes against puncture.

Choosing the Right packaging products for packaging of apparel shipments.

Garment Poly Bags

An imperative need if your business deals with the shipments of apparels. These self-sealing garment poly bags ensure that the merchant does not have to pay extra charges due to weight increase while at the same time providing enough protection to make sure that the shipments reach the customer safely and securely.

The self-sealing adhesive air lock strip provided on the surface of the poly bags ensures a moisture-proof seal making sure that the products inside remain safe and secure. Moisture and seeping of water into the package can lead to irrevocable damage to the apparel in transit and hence require a 100% seal against moisture. These bags have been designed using high-micron polythene, making them highly impervious to puncture and helping the clothes inside be safe and secure.

Polythene is inherently static-free and, to some extent, abrasion resistant and hence also protects the products from suffering from the buildup of static current that might spoil them. Plus, being abrasion resistant, the polythene-made garment bags can withstand a fair amount of abuse before letting the clothes inside get damaged.

Mailing Bags

While our garment polybags are tensile enough to ensure that it does not tear or break under pressure sometimes, in the case of delicate dresses or clothes, a merchant can provide their packages with an extra layer of protection with our highly abrasion-resistant colorful mailing bags. To add to the convenience of the customers, our mailing bags also come with a self-sealing strip with a pre-applied adhesive strip, ensuring that your staff can handle its packing easily without any major hassles.

With our packaging solutions, we ensure 100% confidentiality; hence, all our packages have been lined with black color on the inside to ensure no stranger can read your details or see what's inside. A two-layer packaging can also help decrease the chances of the formation of creases as well as other fold marls upon the apparel. 

Using both our products for packaging would help your shipment reach its end users in the same shape and form as advertised on the website. Therefore, ensure the satisfaction of your customers with dual protection of our mailing bags and garment poly bags today.

Fragile Packaging Tape

To help your product receive the best shipping practices along the supply chain, fragile tapes can help improve the chances of favorable practices and against your shipment. Use fragile tapes to ensure that every shipping or delivery personnel handling your articles understands that the consignment has fragile products inside and takes care of them in the best way possible. 

Fragile tapes are one of the cheapest ways to ensure safe transit; hence, we implore all to use them. Merchants generally use clear tapes to ensure that the seals of the shipment are 100% moisture-proof, but fragile tape can achieve more while providing a moisture-proof seal; it can also ensure that workers handling your shipment pay the right kind of attention while handling the shipments. So for all your packaging needs while shipping apparel, visit to ensure that all your packaging needs are handled with the best of care.

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