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Stretch Wrap: Definition, Types, and Latest Benefits 2023

Stretch Wrap Definition, Types, and Latest Benefits 2023

We know a precise product that can help your business in securing goods on a pallet. It can also be recycled. The product is none other than “Stretch Wrap”. Well, securing goods is also indispensable for your business. Such products help you in that process. By choosing the best stretch wrap suppliers UK who provide at an affordable price, start working by adding this product as a part of your business.

 What is Stretch Wrap?

Put simply, it is a thin and stretchable plastic film that is specially made from polyethylene. Businesses use this product to secure or lock the items onto a pallet. It is wrapped around the pallet, applies tension, and makes it easier to extend the length. It even creates a force to be held in place.

The good news for you is such products can be recycled too. Before you go further, let us inform you that you need to consult your recycling center to see whether they accept soft plastics or not.

So many of you are worried about product damage, loss, or tampering. Forget all these when applying this product. When choosing the best packaging manufacturers UK who provide products like stretch wraps and packaging tapes, they will let you know that stretch wraps come in various thicknesses, widths, and formulations.

How Many Types of Stretch Wrap Are There?

The types of this product that we mentioned below can fulfil your business needs. Check this out-

  • Pre-Stretch Film

This type of “stretch wrap” stretches the film during manufacture. Its whole process may enable your business to enhance load stability, increase film strength, eliminate waste, etc. In case to save money, the pre-stretching film will help your business. It is useful in stretch wrap machines and with manual application operations.

  • Cast Stretch Film

The reason behind its popularity is providing you with a smooth surface. It includes the following things: best optics, strength, and clings with no additives. In addition, the food industry specially chooses the cast stretch film.

  • Blown Stretch Film

When there is a heavier load, blown stretch film is needed. Choose a blown stretch film if you need the best puncture, including tear resistance. But it will create more noise when the reels unwound.

Some Top Benefits of Stretch Wrap 

  • You may be looking for a product that helps to secure the items from dust, moisture, and damage. Therefore, search no further and adapt top-notch products like a stretch wrap for this operation.
  • These products guarantee to keep your customers happy. How? The packages will always be clean and dry. One of the best things that customers want!
  • There is no chance that boxes are contaminated when you adapt this product to your packaging process.

Things to Know Before Selecting the Right Stretch Film 

  • Select the product that provides the right yield strength
  • Help you to reinforce the load or band
  • Used to cover the top of the pallet with the help of polythene top sheets

 Sum it up:

Everyone wants a magnificent solution that helps to protect the product at the time of transit. It even enables in reducing the chance of damage. We believe your business needs Stretch Wrap because it is an unparalleled solution for your organization. Buy now from “New Packaging”, who can help you to secure your loads. Ultimately, we have the best packaging solutions. We are even notorious for being a wholesale tissue paper supplier UK. Choose the best according to your business need.

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