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Which Packaging Solution Should You Opt For Postal Boxes Or Mailing Bags ?

Which Packaging Solution Should You Opt For Postal Boxes Or Mailing Bags

Every E-commerce retailer requires a fair amount of packaging materials to ensure that their products reach their destination in the right shape and form. Postal boxes and mailing bags are an integral part of any of the E-commerce website's packaging needs. Both provide a solution for a similar case of challenges which include security from moisture and damage and protection against puncture and cuts during transit with the ease of easy transport.

While both can be pegged as essential packaging ingredients for a business, a comparison between both can help a business ascertain their core needs and figure out the prime packaging solution they should invest in.

To ensure that you undertake the proper packaging needs, its imperative that you undertake to examine the critical security needs of items you plan to ship. For example, if in case you plan to ship electronic items such as keyboards and flat desktops, postal boxes could be a better option as they provide additional protection against impacts and damage.

If the items you plan to dispatch include lightweight, non-fragile items, particularly; clothing and apparel, mailing bags could be the best packaging options for your services. However, it's probable that the items you sell require additional security against damages; hence, in such a context, using both mailing bags and postal boxes could be the best way forward.

 Depending upon your unique needs, you can choose in-between using mailing bags and postal bags singularly or in conjunction with each other.

The added benefits of using Polythene Mailing Bags.

Polythene bags provide a number of benefits over postal boxes, these include
  • Our mailing bags use high-micron polythene that allows 100% Protection against moisture. In the case of cardboard boxes, even a little bit of moisture that ends up surfacing upon the package can lead to hampering its integrity.
  • Less cumbersome- mailing bags are less cumbersome to handle and hence can be shipped easily and stacked easily as well. Plus, the added protection they provide against moisture while at the same time ensuring security and resisting people from seeing what's inside the package make them one of the best alternatives for transit. 
  • They form the best packaging solution for apparel as well as home wares. Their flexibility ensures that the clothes do not get any crimple marks after transit and are transported in their proper shape and form. 
  • For dispatching books, brochures, and new letters mailing bags or clear polythene mailing bags can be used to ensure that the customer can recognize their delivery easily. Plus, in the case of books and apparel, protection against moisture is profoundly essential, something which polythene mailing bags can handle easily.
  • Peel and seal openings are pre-applied with adhesives, making it easier to pack articles. These seals are tamper-proof and provide a complete block against moisture accumulation, helping the articles and items inside stay intact.

The added benefits of using postal boxes

Using postal boxes has several benefits over the use of mailing bags; we have tried to devise a list of benefits test Postal Boxes have over Polythene mailing bags.

  • Postal boxes provide additional protection against the erratic impacts and falls that a shipment generally goes through while in transit.
  • The additional protection of a cardboard sheet in-between the article helps promote the article's security against impacts or punctures into the box.
  • Since postal boxes have a singular opening once sealed with the help of adhesive tapes, the chances of the box being opened or the privacy of the order being hampered reduces significantly.
  • Protection for fragile equipment, In case your business requires constant shipping of electronic items, postal boxes are the way to, as they provide additional security against the damages of transit that is necessary for shipping electronic goods in their most optimum form.
  • Postal boxes provide a better alternative for shipments of articles that include fragile items such as glassware, artefacts, jewelry and electronic items.

To choose in-between Postal boxes or polythene mailing bags is probably a decision that highly depends upon the type of items that you dispatch as a merchant. In case you deal in apparel or lightweight, flexible items that require protection against moisture, Polythene mailing bags can help reduce your packaging solution expenditures.

But if you ship electronic items or products of delicate integrity, which require added protection from impacts and falls, cardboard postal boxes are the way to go forward. While postal boxes help secure the shipments against damage, they can fail against protection from moisture. The second layer of plastic mailing bags within postal bags can ensure that shipments remain safe and secure.


It's hard to present a definite answer as to which one a merchant should go for, as the needs of both of them depend upon the type of goods a merchant sells online. An eclectic mix of both of them complementing the use of each other according to the needs of the business could probably be the best way forward. At newpackaging, we provide plastic postal bags in different colors, and you can choose the one that best represents your brand.

Secure packaging solutions can assist a business endlessly by helping reduce the chances of returns due to damage or tampered delivery. An investment across the facets of different packaging services can help the business grow in the long run and help it build impervious goodwill amongst its customers.

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